Juli 2017 – Cevi Äthiopien

Du findest hier unten nun einen Artikel vom YWCA Äthiopien. Der Artikel kann auch als PDF heruntergeladen werden. Spenden sind herzlich willkommen unter:

Stiftung Eckstein
8345 Adetswil
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Vermerk: YWCA, Cevi Frauen Äthiopien

Eine deutsche Übersetzung folgt bald.

Die neuen Leiter des YWCA Äthiopien.

Short update of the current YWCA status. The new board of YWCA Ethiopia was elected in March 2017 and after the orientation and handover from the previous board on May 2017.
The board is engaged in solving the complicated problems of the organization which the previous board left out with out taking action.
>>> let me introduce you to the board members from the left to the right <<<
1. On the left is Martha Tsehay and she used to work for YWCA, she was a project officer for the University Project of YWCA. She is now working for UN and she is the Secretary of the Board and also leading the project and fundraising committee of the board.
2. Next is me Bemnet Behailu, to briefly describe about my self, after I left YWCA I have joined an organization named Consortium Of Self Help Group approach promoters, this was the organization which had been supporting the women empowerment program thatI was leading in Adama. I then obtained my masters degree in social work from Addis Ababa University and continue
serving another organizations. I am married and have a little boy who is now one year and 2 months old. As I have told you in my previous e-mail, I am the Board President and also leading the organizational management and development committee of the board.
3. Next to me is Menbere Mengist, she is Journalist by profession, and is working for American Embassy. She was one of the university student who had been supported by the University Project of YWCA.
4. At the middle, the lady is named Aster Kenaw, she has been member and supporter of YWCA for long and she is accountant by profession and works for one of the government institution. She is also serving the same board committee as I am.
5. And behind is Emebet Regassa, the acting General Secretary of YWCA. She is now serving YWCA on volunteer base and she is expecting in two months. She is putting a lot effort in rescuing the organization. Given to her condition, the board is now planning to hire a program coordinator who can design new projects and solicit fund and maintain communication with supporters.
6. Then the lady with white shirt is named Betselot Teklu, she was volunteer for the summer tutorial program of YWCA is now working for an international organization and leading the membership and public relation committee of the board.
7. And after Beselot is Sosena Mulatu, she is now leading the project management and fund raising committee of the board.
8. And the taller lady is named Dina Berhane, she is leading the membership and public relation committee of the board.